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June 7-28th, 2019
62nd Annual Beloit and Vicinity Exhibition and
“More Than A Hammer And Nails” by Madeline Glaspey
Winner of the 61
st Beloit & Vicinity Exhibition



“Pledge Allegiance”

From the Artist

My father has been taking photographs most of his adult life. As his daughter, I would need to think hard to remember a time when he didn’t have his camera with him. Images of people, flowers, landscapes, city skylines and old buildings all carry his unique perspective. He had his camera with him in 1966.  He was a Beloit College sophomore at the time and worked in a Head Start Center in Liberty, Mississippi. I found those photos one day while rummaging through his home office. Inspired by their composition, I asked him if I could paint some of them. Fifty years later, his photos are the inspiration for this solo exhibition.