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Daisies (Sold)

Artist Statement

The process of starting a body of work is very organic. Typically, in the beginning, I am not conscious of how or why certain imagery captivates me.  As I paint, the source of my attraction comes into sharper focus. Sometimes what begins as an inexplicable fascination reveals itself in the form of a life lesson.

The spark for this body of work found me trying to understand and accept the transitory nature of time. Our lives are made up of many individual moments like those depicted in this series of paintings. Yet, there is only a finite amount of time for each of us in a world filled with many choices, boundless beauty and love. How do we make the most of each measure of time? How do we live in the present-- taking in all that matters? How we choose to spend the amount of time we are granted is an ever present challenge that happens at multiple levels of consciousness.  So how does one make the most of our moments?

As each painting evolved, I was reminded to embrace and treasure the transient nature of singular moments in my life--to feel the pleasure and see the beauty in my work and life. I found contentment, happiness, and joy as I experienced the passage of my own time.

I feel grateful—beholden—for the insights found while painting this series of pieces.  My hope is that my gratitude is passed on to you, the viewer.         



beholden, adj. 1. obliged, indebted,
bound, owing;grateful, thankful