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In an effort to better understand my place as a woman today, I created a small body of work that exemplifies the strength and beauty women possess, as well as the importance of knowing that we possess it.

My paintings depict the human face. They seek to express not only the beauty of the outer shell, but also the complexity of the individual's inner experience. Portraiture allows me to explore topics related to human behavior and emotions and  to learn more about the world and my place in it.

In this series, I explore women's roles and how things have changed over time. In my painting, "Matriarch", the older woman is behind a barrier symbolized by the window. This is meant to represent the limitations that have existed in the past for women and to consider those that still exist today. In contrast, Apple (War Paint) is a close-up portrait of a brilliant dermatologist with marks on her face made by her children with sidewalk chalk. When I captured this image it struck me that these marks made her look like a warrior. I call it "War Paint" to reinforce the concept of motherhood as a heroic role.

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